Production and imports

Ukraine's domestic natural gas production in 2017 made up 20.8 billion cubic meters ("bcm"), which is 3.5% higher compared to 2016. PJSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya produced 15.2 bcm (73% market share) a 4.1% increase compared to 2016. The total gas production by private producers (excluding JAAs) in 2017 amounted to 4.4 bcm, which is 8.6% higher compared to 2016.

Investments made by the Misen Group will allow domestic production to be sustained and increased, thus contributing to Ukraine's energy independence. Overall, the Misen Group led JA is expected to facilitate an increase of gas production in Ukraine by 28 bcm accumulated for the period till 2030 (for details please refer to section Reserves and resources).

In 2017 Ukraine imported 14.1 bcm of natural gas or 27.0% more (by 3.0 bcm) compared to the previous year. From total volumes NJSC Naftogaz imported 8.7 bcm while private traders imported 5.4 bcm. In 2017 9.9 bcm were imported from Slovakia, 2.8 bcm from Hungary and 1.3 bcm from Poland. There were no purchases from the Russian Federation in 2017. Ukraine once again proved its commitment to strategic initiatives to diversify its imports of natural gas on a major scale and strengthen energy independence.

Natural gas balance: