Yuliyivska BCS

Yuliyivska BCS

Yuliyivska Booster Compressor Station ("BCS") commissioned in September 2012 represents the first installation of such kind and magnitude in Ukraine, initiated and operated by the joint State and private initiatives. The plant is equipped with the two turbo-compressor units Centaur-40 produced by Solar Turbines Incorporated (USA) and supporting engineering infrastructure provided by a range of leading West European and US manufacturers that will allow maintaining the required operating parameters of Yuliyivske oil, gas and condensate fields and will ensure sustained annual gas production volumes during the 20 years (JA life cycle) and longer.

Since September 2012 Yuliyivska BCS has been successfully operating and ensuring total gas production volumes on the Yuliyivska gas and condensate field at the level of 600-800 million cubic meters per year.

The total project cost was in the range of KSEK 200,000 financed by the local and international banks.

Yuliyivska BCS is an object of strategic importance to Ukraine on its path towards increasing energy independence.