Goals and vision

Misen Energy AB (publ) shareholders have appointed an independent and experienced Board of Directors and have taken steps in recognising the importance of introducing a corporate culture, which will achieve and combine the desire to optimise company growth and returns to shareholders consistent with the most appropriate technological oil and gas field practice, health and safety policies and social and environmental awareness.

Misen Energy AB (publ), as ultimate holding company in the group comprising Misen Energy AB (publ), Misen Enterprises AB and LLC Karpatygaz, has the following principal strategic aims.

  1. To fulfil its obligations under the Joint Activity Agreement and thereby realize the forecast production growth of the business model by modernizing infrastructure and production facilities and introducing modern technologies not currently utilised in the Ukraine thereby enhancing the energy security of Ukraine.
  2. To deliver, as the result of the first aim, full market value to shareholders and at same time safeguard that value by streamlining the company structure and introducing appropriate corporate governance principles and reporting procedures.
  3. To increase, by virtue of the first and second aims, the number of projects allocated to the Joint Activity and to ensure long-term growth for all stake holders from shareholders to employees to local communities.